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Americana - Country - Olde Tyme

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Carmichael’s second offering on Dogstreet Records, reveals his continuing mastery of authentic “olde tyme” styles ranging from ragtime to country, “hokum blues” to Delta blues and even a touch of Dixieland jazz. In sync with the supple rhythm section of Jean-Paul Gaster (drums), Johnny “Lawless” Ray Carroll (doghouse bass), Scott Rich (trumpet),John McVey (trombone),Alexander Mitchell (fiddle) and Brian Simms (accordion), Carmichael sings with wit and expression, picks guitar and banjo, tickles the xylophone and even rattles the bones. Music this uplifting and energizing should be dispensed like a tonic to a grateful public.

by Dave Rubin
Guitar Edge staff writer

OLD STOCK - 2005

Down to its honest core, the 10-track Old Stock is barefoot,front-porch, sipping-sweet-tea-or-something-stronger music at its most enjoyable, the kind of roots-righteous effort that Roy Bookbinder might add to his year-end “Best Of” list if he had a chance to hear it.

by Ken Johnson
Vintage Guitar Magazine